Graphic Art

Perrot_new 4_700

Artist and designer Delphine Perrot hosted an interactive space using balloons, posters and written word slogans, allowing participants to interact with and contribute to this evolving work.

October 2009 saw The Bigger Picture Festival on Interdependence in the foreground. Launched at the thinking person’s destination The Hub, the festival was a free interactive series of events and workshops held at the Barge House on London’s Southbank, hosted by the new economic foundation (nef). The festival’s master stoke was to bring some of the more difficult socio-political and economics-led environmental issues to the forefront, whilst showcasing inspiring solutions from thought leaders and sparking further debate. Visitors were encouraged to engage with the various facets of show, which notably included an interactive space controlled by Delphine, that allowed participants to engage and contribute with the varying media of balloons, posters and written word slogans. Empowering the audience with knowledge and creative means to make a difference.

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