Welcome to my creative universe. Whether you’re looking for an illustration for a book or you need an art director to give your brand a cohesive look and feel, you are in the right place. Below are the main areas of my work both personal and professional.

“Art is everywhere”


Themes such as feminity, care for people and environment as well as movement are important aspects of my own personal artistic work. Hope and optimism are omnipresent. A wide range of medium such as photography, typography, projection and drawing are at the centre of my creative practice. 


Versatility is an integral part in my illustrative style. I have created illustrations for fashion design, children’s projects, and scientific publications. I create digital as well as hand-drawn illustrations. I can work from a precise brief or help clients to define their brief. Recent clients who commissioned me for my illustrations include include Oxford University, Genero (Autralia), Telespazio (Germany).


My workshops are designed to combine fun and playfulness with the deep technical knowledge of drawing to allow you to enjoy the learning process and the development of your artistic eye. I work with people of all ages and abilities. Classes and workshop can often take place out of the classroom to the outdoors, like streets, parks, beaches and natural spaces to encourage students to recognise how the life of the community and the nature around us provide great inspiration. Do you feel like exploring your inner creativity? 



Blending my background as an art director and graphic designer, I love helping entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses to develop projects with purpose; understanding their needs to better conceptualise, visualise and revitalise their brands or projects. I have developed my very own creative process or just process called ‘Creative Catalyst’, which enables me to guide clients through their blocks, explore their visual identity and realise their vision. Clients include: the ICA, The Design Museum, Icon Magazine, Research Studio and Studio Myers cough, The Mindfulness Centre of Excellence (UK) and others.



My work as an artist inspires my illustrations and graphic design work, enriching them both. I have worked with individuals and organisations that are committed to social change or innovation, such as creative industries, mental health charities and education sectors amongst others.