As visual thinker, it’s no wonder that I became an artist. She grew up in France and has travelled widely in south America exploring her fascination with art, dance, and nature. Delphine’s work cuts across multiple disciplines (artistic, graphic design, travel and dance). She has worked internationally, in Paris, London and Rio de Janeiro and speaks several languages.

At the core of her work is a key theme that creativity is a force for change, whether working with clients to develop a visual identity, teaching students how to draw, or creating personal artwork. She brings the infectious energy of a dancer to her clients and their projects which catalyses change.

Her work as an artist informs her illustration and graphic design enriching them both. She has worked with individuals and organisations that are committed to social change or innovation, such as the creative industries, mental health and education sectors amongst others.  

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing

Helen Keller


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