‘Living by night’ is a multimedia project that combines history and present to invite us to travel through today’s Milongas of Buenos Aires from the protagonists’ point of view. Milongueras and Milongueros who live counterclockwise throughout their lives, as well as the organisers, the music makers and dancers of younger generations are emblematic characters.
Original idea, texts and curator: Flor Argento


'Osmosis' is a series of performances on tango: traditional tango, tango waltz and 'milonga'. They interpret the 'Liberdad' tango (Liberty) in the form of a series of large formats. With delicacy and softness, the dancers immerse themselves in music so that their footsteps capture their borrowings.


'Ode to reality' was created in Rio de Janeiro with a contemporary situationist approach from interviews she has done (inspired by the ‘Cinéma vérité’, film movement of the 60’s in France).



If you have a project in mind or to know more about my previous work, a portfolio could be sent.


Bright lights, big city and a bustling crowd marked the premiere of a new artistic collaboration within motion pictures. Central London itself became the backdrop as Delphine worked with gifted visual artist and technophile Dave Lynch, in projecting her visually arresting slogans in central London.


‘Affluenza’ project is an interactive piece, as visitors participated. The installation evolved through the exhibition, allowing people to emit their own judgement, to give their thoughts or to make a point.


Launching Design week in September 2008, ‘Nothing Works,’ inspired by the work of the same name by Gordon Matta-Clark, was held at Shoreditch Town Hall, where cross-discipline visual artists harnessed the architectural space of the building’s maze like basement as a blank canvas for their individual installations.



My creative universe is integrally linked to my life: movements around the globe, seeking inspiration from different cultures; movements of the body, inspired by different dance traditions and the dance between cultures and people from all walks of life trying to find their way to relate to this experience of being human.

Like many female artists, I explore these themes with a wide variety of media and materials – not confined to one way of expression but embracing a diversity of materials to capture the diversity of human experience. My studio is the dance floor/studio/milonga, the streets and markets and this work invites us to consider where and what is “art” in our contemporary communities and everyday experience.


“Delphine Perrot has a fresh and exciting approach to design. She works on a wide range of engaging and interactive projects crossing over and pushing her design ideas into a variety of environments. I’m interested in her versatile and creative approach to public spaces as well as her use of new technology and new media. As a programmer, I’m always on the lookout for artists with the ability to engage with different audiences, spaces, and environments.”

Adrian Shaw, Late At Tate Britain Programmer

“I have known Delphine within a professional capacity for over three years, having worked together on a number of projects and exhibitions in her capacity as both a graphic designer and artist. Delphine exercises the utmost professionalism and is a highly dynamic and creative individual. Delphine’s work continues to recontextualise the use of everyday advertising within a contemporary society of mass communication. More recently her practice has developed, incorporating live media and outdoor installations. This has been marked with a more collaborative approach, working with other artists, filmmakers and designers. This is both a critical and exciting turn within her practice. “

Amanprit Sandhu, curator

“I have known Delphine for eight years, commissioning her as a teacher, workshop leader, graphic designer and artist. She has delivered innovative and engaging learning programmes for me at The Design Museum, and on freelance schools and adult learning programmes for local authorities and at V&A. Her approach is dynamic and engaging but always sensitive to the needs of the individuals she guides and teaches. This sensitivity translates to her own creative practice as an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator.”

Michael Czerwinski, Housewarming season Producer at House of Illustration

“The artist Delphine Perrot have worked with me at the ‘Madness Hotel’ as an artist developing an installation and performance entitled ‘Ode to reality’. She also participated to our public performances as well as attending to our theatre workshops. She showed a strong sensibility, while opening the dialogue with performers and people living at the hospital. She has been exemplarily committed to this project developing international exchanges with high quality professionals both in technical and human senses. It is a pleasure to give Delphine the highest recommendation her research involving painting and education in the context of our fragile contemporary society.”

Vitor Pordeus, Cultural Psychiatrist and Actor