A unique place for handmade prints. Energy splash of paintings for paper, clothes and more. A human touch to enhance your personality and mood.


For an interior that looks like you, I bring your ideas and desires to life on wallpaper or any other medium.


During many of my trips, I collected in series of books my favorite places, capturing short stories and memories. Also, I work with my student working on this topic.

LIVE drawings

With my personal pencil stroke, I captures the key moments of your event on the spot.


Creative as well as commissioned patterns in order to express style for your home patterns or for textile design with unique, authentic touch.



An example of her love of using streets as her canvas : large hand drawn drawings in cities.


Using a range of techniques from ink, paint and drawing, I blends my background as a designer, art teacher and artist. My inspiration comes from dances such as Argentine tango, lindy hop and samba. Nature and the ocean are also key themes.



Flower series

A2 silk-print

Dancer series

A2 silk-print

Travel series

A3 silk-print

Bloom series

A3 silk-print

If you fancy discovering more about my collections, order prints or knowing more about original paintings, drawings, and prices, drop me a line.



My inks were born during one of my journey in South America. From my travels I keep inspirations of colours and themes. Combining my love for dancing and painting, I am happy to customize clothing for other dancers around the globe.


We commissioned Delphine for an internal project, through our own platform Genero. She helped us create a unique and creative illustration style for our brand to use across all of our on and offline materials. We were very pleased with the final result and found Delphine a pleasure to work with.”

Catherine Graves, marketing director at genero

“I worked with Delphine and can confirm that she is a tremendously talented, creative and generous professional. She has a unique way of spreading positive energy, confidence and enthusiasm around her and she is very reliable. I highly recommend working with her on any project requiring passion, energy, great technical and people skills.”

solène marié, International Analyst, Researcher, Project Manager | culture & science

We commissioned Delphine for a series of illustrations with a fairly tight turnaround. She was very professional, creative, and accommodating to feedback. The finished works were unique and outstanding. I can recommend Delphine for her graphic design, illustration, and interpersonal skills.“

Dale Mastin-Purcell, art director & designer

“Delphine is an absolute pleasure to work with. The multitude of creative skills she brings to the table merge wonderfully and the results speak for themselves. Delphines varied skill base of fashion, graphics, design & illustration give a heartbeat to her work that shines through in a contemporary and innovative way. Her personality and energy is fresh and focused and i would recommend working with her. You will not be disappointed by the magic she brings to any given brief.”

Dale Mastin-Purcell