Exploring Marseille’s streets is a great way to combine technical sketches with a sunny atmosphere. In this case, you will explore various drawing techniques and you get to try a wide range of graphic styles and techniques.


This unique class conducted in various picturesque sites around Marseille allows you to work on your sketchbook, all while creating unforgettable memories of our beautiful Mediterranean coast.


This workshop is suitable for all levels and will allow you to acquire techniques related to sketching and watercolour.


The purpose of this drawing course in Marseille or Aix en Provence is to help you work on your sketchbook all while creating unforgettable memories of our beautiful city of Marseille.


The goal of this drawing course is to help you work on your sketchbook all while creating unforgettable memories of the beautiful city of Marseille. It will allows you to create creative memories with other like-minded people.


Explore your creative potential by taking part in my workshops in Aix en Provence or Marseille. As in the private drawing lessons I organise and I also adapt to your level of expertise to improve your drawing skills and complete your artistic projects. At my studio or across Provence, you will get to learn how to draw and improve your technique all while discovering our beautiful region.



These workshops are designed to combine fun and playfulness with deep technical knowledge to allow you to enjoy the learning process and the development of your artistic eye. I purposefully take students out of the classroom to outdoor spaces, such as various streets, parks, beaches, and natural places. I want my students to recognise how the life in the community and the nature around us can provide them with great inspiration for their work.

Do you feel like exploring your inner creativity? 


Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member? Why not offer your loved one the opportunity to take part in a creative mentoring session with me? Whether they are already creative (and want some expert tips) or are complete beginners who need help overcoming the fear of putting pen to paper, my classes can be personalised to their needs. A drawing class also is a great activity for a hen party or a difference kind of group birthday experience. 


Passionate about life, colours, nature, and typography, I have chosen to create unique, short travel experiences for people who wish to explore their inner and outer artistic landscapes. At the crossroad between Art, Education, and Health, my approach always remains the same: to question human relationships and to use Creativity as a tool to learn, communicate, to express, and to feel.

I studied at Duperré and Olivier de Serres public design schools in Paris and enriched myself with multidisciplinary and international experiences (London, Rio, Buenos Aires). I offer my students the exciting and unique opportunity to benefit from this fusion of experiences in a way that is both rigorous and warm.


I work with a wide range of students both on-line and in person and can work with both individuals and groups. 

I also give regular classes via the Superprof platform. This includes private classes, intensive training for art school applicants, group classes in urban sketching and classes for those who want to brush up on or extend their techniques.

Over the past two years. I have worked as a freelance teacher for applied arts students in graphic design and fashion on Bachelor courses at Les Collèges de Paris, The Lycée Diderot and Intuit Lab.

As part of the What Colour is Your Dragon team (based in the UK and Brasil), I have also taught creative practices combined with social and emotional learning in English, French and Portuguese to a global audience of young people and families.



Are you an art student that wants to have intensive art classes or are you someone who wants to learn the basics of drawing  techniques? Drop me an email talk about your project.

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“Delphine is a great drawing teacher, very attentive and pedagogue! During our sessions, the whole group discussed a lot about my objective, my problems and my difficulties in drawing. Our sessions first started with classes in her studio before starting urban sessions. I have seen my evolution and appreciate having a personalized follow-up attentive to my needs. I recommend it! Good humor guaranteed!”


“Delphine easily transmits her love of art, and her dynamism is a bonus. The classes were adapted to our needs. In an ongoing way, she directed us towards the discovery of new techniques and new ways of creating that enriched our practice and opened new horizons. Her wide and international experiences make the session very interesting. Highly recommended!”


“Delphine was a great teacher, attentive, easy to contact, very educational and always in a good mood, a significant criterion for the transmission of knowledge…! I will long remember her courses and our discussions that helped me get started as a freelance graphic designer today! Thank you x 1000 Delphine!”


“Delphine is very attentive and therefore knows how to adapt perfectly to the needs of her student. She is sparkling, full of life, and her practice is rich in her many experiences around the world. I therefore recommend it without hesitation!”