Delphine Perrot has been working in the creative field for the past 10 years, intermitently as an international creative producer, conceptor, coordinator and workshop facilitator. Education The element which links my different activities is its position at the crossroads of Creativity, Education and Health and its aim to link different countries through projects.


With a light touch, artist and graphic designer Delphine Perrot creates works and interventions that subvert and shift our perspectives, lifting us from the mundane.

Her artistic manifesto is clear. With poetic and playful energy, she champion’s her graphically bold, expressive, engaging and often-humorous messages in dynamic and public settings. An own brand of typographically led advertising that proclaims ideas not products, and feeds off interaction with the ‘consumer’. It is not about selling, but about surprising, entertaining and opening up dialogue through diverse media, contexts and unexpected settings. Media used is as diverse as the statements conveyed, from printed placards and stickers to TV’s and mobile projections al fresco. No audience is passive, participation is key to the life of Delphine’s creations, where ‘contributors’ are invited to engage, ponder and in some cases change their meaning.